Using soft tissue lasers, procedures can be done with far less bleeding & affords faster healing.

At Just For Kids Dentistry, Dr. Hoffman is certified in the use ofsoft tissue laser treatment.  In children, and teenagers, there are many procedures that used to require cutting tissue with a blade.  With the advent of modern dental technology these procedure can be done with a soft tissue laser.  There is far less bleeding, it is less invasive and affords faster healing.  Some procedures that we use our soft tissue diode laser for might be gingivectomies (recontouring the gums or gingiva) following orthodontic therapy or cases of trauma.  It can also be used to easily remove opercula which are redundant tissue tags that can be very painful when posterior teeth are erupting.  The laser is also very helpful in releasing a tight frenum.  Whether causing speech issues or breastfeeding problems the soft tissue laser is a state of the art method to approach these problems.