Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman has been providing the best pediatric dental service for 35 years!

Dr. Hoffman is one of the nicest and most patient dentists I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

As specialists in pediatric dentistry we are acutely aware of the preconceptions some children and their parents bring with them to the dentist’s office. Both the parents and our patients really get to know our staff because they see the same smiling faces at every visit. We understand that when parents bring their children to our office, they are entrusting us with the most important, cherished and beloved people in their lives. We do everything we can to alleviate their unfounded fears. Our approach goes a long way towards fostering better dental health attitudes. But that’s not the only reason why we do things the way we do them…. We think kids are terrific! 

Just for Kids Dentistry has been striving for 35 years to provide the children in Northeast Tarrant County the very best dental care with an all-encompassing compassion for our patients and their parents and guardians. Our office is equipped with the latest digital technology including extra oral bitewing radiographs…less radiation and no more uncomfortable cardboard things to bite on when getting cavity detecting x-rays! Dr. Hoffman and his long standing, loyal staff (the average number of years that our staff has been with us is approximately 20 years) have ALWAYS put the total care of our young patients (both dental care as well as their emotional care) first at all times. Along with his years of experience and his committed staff, Just for Kids Dentistry offers the expertise to properly address today’s most demanding children’s dental issues in a fun, warm and caring environment.


A pediatric dentist?

Has your child ever begged you not to leave the dentist? Impossible you say? Not at our office. It could be our gentle touch and special way with kids. Our pediatric specialists and staff love children and are specially trained to put them at ease. We teach your children the proper way to take care of their teeth; but just as important, they learn that going to the dentist can be fun.


Most important step of fighting off those evil cavities.


Flossing is just as important as brushing. Make sure to do it daily!


Make your kiddo's pearlies shine with our bleaching services.